We are already in a transhuman era. The pre-transhumanist mindset is already hard to understand.

Here is a book of logarithm and other tables. This edition was published 1895 or later, and the first edition in 1868.

It has a mortality table.

The mortality table  presents data from 1746! That’s 122 years earlier, or actually 149 years because the updated edition did not bother correcting it.

The mortality table is right between the multiples of square roots and a trig table.

In the entire book, nothing else is biological or social. It’s all math, with a bit of physics, astronomy, and chemistry at the end.

In this book, human lifespans are a basic law of the universe.

When I think about mortality statistics, my main thoughts are “I love it that lifespan has doubled” and “Let’s do it again, fast. Then again, and again.” My concept of life expectancy is of a malleable fact of nature, like whether a patch of ground is covered by trees or grass.

We have already transcended the human condition of 1868. Next transcension, coming soon.